Sunday, May 27, 2012

Seattle Foodie 100

A few years ago, Seattle Yelpers got together and created a list of the top 100 dishes in Seattle.

There are a few variations of this list out there.  The most accurate list is here:

Another food blogger created a page with pictures of some of these foods.  Though whoever created *this* list has made some changes to it.  For example, they removed Salumi's from the list!  This is completely, and totally unacceptable!  So really, this page is only good for the pictures.

About a year and a half after starting on this list, we are over 75% through the list.  That's right, we've had over 75 of the "best" dishes in Seattle in a year and a half.  Most of what is left are beverages and things we aren't really into.  But we are bound and determined to finish this list!

For anyone who is looking to take on this challenge, I have a few warnings for you:

1) This will not be cheap.  Plenty of the dishes are very affordable and easily accessible, but finishing the list will not be cheap.
2) It will not be easy to finish this list, period.  So many of the places have limited hours, date/time restrictions on the food items, cash only accepted, etc.
3) I have to say that only about 2/3 of the list is legitimately tasty.  Sure, a lot of this is a matter of personal taste.  Regardless, I have no earthly clue as to why about 1/3 of these items are even on here.  I would like to demand a recount on several items!

I have posted a lot of my thoughts on this list through my Yelp account.  I plan on posting some more details on these adventures here on this blog.

So keep your eyes and salivary glands open for more info to come!

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