Thursday, July 5, 2012

Foodie 100 list - Chicken and Asparagus Risotto - Il Terrazzo Carmine

At Il Terrazzo Carmine, there is a chicken and asparagus risotto on the Foodie 100 list.  I scoped out their menu online, and I noticed only a mention of the risotto of the day.  So I decided to call ahead and ask about the chicken asparagus risotto.

They said since the risotto changes daily, we should specifically request the chicken asparagus risotto with a little bit of advance notice.  When I made my reservation for the next day, I requested the dish.  They happily obliged!

The restaurant itself was a little difficult to find.  Signage is a little odd from 1st Avenue since a lot of the pictures are from the main entrance from the patio area.  To reach this restaurant from 1st street, you go through the building lobby, through the restaurant's back door.  The ambiance is very nice, and the wine menu is very extensive.

We were seated promptly and offered some bread to nosh on.  We also ordered some bruschetta as an appetizer.  It was kind of mediocre.  The tomatoes should have been mixed with the basil a little better.  The bread was also incredibly tough, and the olive oil messily seeped through the giant holes in the bread.

The chicken asparagus risotto was very well prepared.  It is a rather large portion.  The risotto was cooked just right, and it had a great flavor to it.  Though the flavor was a one that I grew tired of before the plate was finished.  If you're craving a risotto, I would still recommend it since it was so well prepared.

I ordered the cannoli for dessert.  They were a bit gritty and also mediocre.  I've made cannoli's before, so I know it's not easy to get rid of that gritty texture.  Perhaps a little more investigating is needed?

Service was prompt, friendly, and very attentive.  Prices weren't completely unreasonable.  It's a lovely Italian restaurant, and I would still go back to try some of their other dishes! I certainly enjoyed it much more than the Pink Door.

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