Monday, June 25, 2012

Foodportunity - Summer 2012

Tonight was the Foodportunity event for summer 2012.  Of course, good eats were abundant!  Tom Douglas is the host of this event, and it was packed and sold out as usual.

This is the second time I've been to this event, though it was my first time as a blogger.  This is a great event to get out there to meet your fellow bloggers and food enthusiasts.  It's also a great opportunity to get to know some of your local chefs.

The chefs try to bring their A-game here.  We have so many great James Beard award winners in this city.  They know the crowd loves gourmet food, so they do try to impress!  If you aren't familiar with the James Beard award, well, basically it's the Oscar of the food world.

My first time visiting here, I was just a food enthusiast.  Now that I'm blogging more, I decided to plug it a little bit at the event.  I even got my first tchotchke as an official blogger: a little gift bag from Chocopolis for bloggers!  Aww :)

I had the foodportunity to meet the mother of local chef, Wayne Johnson.  Wayne participated in an Iron Chef competition, and was a former chef at Andaluca.  Now he is the Executive Chef at Ray's Boathouse.  I also learned that at the Iron Chef, they give you a list of food items the "secret ingredient" could possibly be in advance.  You truly only get one hour, but at least you get to have some brain-storming in advance.  I didn't know this about that competition!

As always, it was nice to see one of my favorite local chefs there, Thierry Rautureau.  He owns Luc and Rover's here in Seattle.  He's such a nice man, and an even more amazing chef!  If I were Oprah-rich, I'd try to steal him away as my private chef!  Alas, Thierry, don't get your hopes up.  There is only one Oprah out there, and I am not her!

I wish my camera phone was working.  I would post more photos from the event if it had been.

Who knows, maybe at the next Foodportunity event I will have my own teeny-tiny-small-time award to my name :)

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